Wash your clothes, help the environment, & get a workout!


This handy (or foot-y really) machine is The Drumi, and is the invention of Yi Jiang. A recent graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design, he invented this machine after having laundry issues in his Toronto condo. This is a small pedal powered washer that can hold a small amount of laundry. While it can't do sheets or towels - you'll still need to hit the larger washing machine for that - it does the smaller, neccesity garments you need everyday. It's pedal powered, so you can also get a mini-workout while you wash your clothes. It's not cheap however. The pre-order price is 169$ CAD plus shipping and handling. While a washboard might be cheaper, the Drumi is sleaker, award winning invention that might actually make doing your laundry a bit more fun.