Some new places to go to in the 'hood

Everyday I get off the bus at Hastings at Princess and walk down to Heatley Ave, and over the last few months I've seen a flurry of work going on at the Heatley Block.  A restaurant is going in right at the corner, and in this article from Scout Magazine, we find out that former Alibi Room sous chef Michael Brennan is putting in a new eatery.  I've watched the progress with much interest, and can't wait to find out what tasty treats are coming!  There is also florists Floral and Hardy Edible Plants & Gifts that we have mentioned before, who offer some beautiful greenery.  There is Strathcona Tattoo that is now open, for those who want some ink by some locals.  London Fields Shoppe is still under wraps, but should be open in the next month or so.  From the people who have put together Got Craft? this looks like is will be a store that has everything you might want.  Some exciting new finds, all in our neck of the woods!  Can't wait!

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